Ex-Girlfriend of DJ Loonyo Revealed what Really Happened Between them

In this era of the internet, many celebrities have made their name and fortunes through social media. It is not so long ago that Rhemuel Luino was unknown, but now he has an international recognition thanks to his aggressive social media campaign, especially DJ Loonyo photos that have made rounds online. This means he has to be on all the relevant social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and, most recently, Tiktok.

DJ Loonyo is a Filipino-Chinese Tiktok sensation who recently trended due to an interview he did regarding the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19). He wrongly equated the term mass testing with drug and vaccine trials for COVID-19.

Loonyo claimed that mass testing shouldn’t be needed if the vaccine to be produced for the viral disease is guaranteed to be effective.

People on social media couldn't believe his statement and even though he already apologized to the public, his fans couldn't forget what they've heard at that moment.

Now after his life story on 'Magpakailanman' went viral, there are a lot of controversies attached in it including the viral post of his Ex-Girlfriend exposing everything that she has been through with DJ Loonyo.

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