Employer Forced her Poor Old Woman to Leave; Throws her Clothes Outside the House

Despite what happening right now, the government gave a memo about having a quarantine, and the persons who are allowed to go outside are limited only. Once you disobeyed the protocols theirs a punishment you should take. Also if we are not mistaken, there's a statement released that the homeowners should hold for the meantime those renters, that cannot pay through the meantime because of the pandemic we are facing.

There's a video on social media that gets viral. It is about to an old woman that forcing to cast away from the house she's renting or live. We all know that all seniors are not allowed to go outside. Since based on their condition their immune system may fail to fight the virus. Also, our situation is dangerous for them.

The page OFW Join Force- Philippine Chapter is the one who uploads the video with a caption of  "Kawawa naman si nanay, pinalayas". This wrongful action of the owner of the house gets a different action on social media. In the video, you will see how the owner throws away all the personal stuff of the old woman without hesitation. Not thinking where this old woman will go. The majority of the netizens get mad by what the owner act.

As of now, there's no identification of who that person is. But the question is where this old woman will go despite what happening right now? The virus is still spreading. So this is dangerous for her.

Here's a clip of the video:

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