Dominic Roque and Bea Alonzo's Budding Romance is now Viral on Social Media

Love moves in mysterious ways. But being in love makes you a happy person and makes you do unexpected things that never thought you can. Others say that you may love a person in no particular time, and one day you may realize that one person is the one that makes your world Upside Down and despite the challenges and pain.

Recently, there's a post in the social media about the humor between Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque. Knowing that both persons are the stars of the same network. Both of them seen in many places together, Spending and enjoying the time. They also share a sweet photo together that liked may many followers and guessing that they together or just dating.

Bea and Dominic are both single. And as looking at their picture you can see the chemistry they have. They both happy together. They also share a sweet interaction in their social media account that caught the attention of their fans

"tila akoy nabighani" -Dominic said

There's a post of Bea that Dominic commented.
" when the sunlight paints us gold.." - Bea, Captioned.

" Ganda naman'' - Dominic commented.


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