Daryl Ong went Furious after a Netizen Throws Shade on his Facebook post

Darryl Neilsonn Ong or we all know as Daryl Ong is a singer-songwriter in the Philippines. He got the fame after joining the singing competition "The Voice of the Philippines (season2)"

Daryl posted on his Facebook account about his personal opinion on the rally. "Mukhang mag E-ECQ nanaman daw?. Ayos, rally pa more guys *with like emoji*. Because of his opinion, one of the netizens commented on Daryl's post and asked the singer if he is "Dumb".

The netizen also said that the rally is supported by the World Health Organization (WHO) and why not the singer asks the government about the "Hatid Tulong Program" and why is there 8,000 people inside the Rizal Memorial Stadium. At the end of netizen's comment, he once again asked the singer if the singer is "Dumb"

The most awaited moment is when Daryl replied to the netizen's comment. The singer said to the netizen to read again his post before reacting to it. "Dahil mukha kang tanga sa comment mo. Defensive ka masyado ulol kang tanga ka" the last two lines of the singer.

Another issue was set on fire by this singer-songwriter. As we recall, he was banned from ABS-CBN after he was caught gossiping around about the issue of ABS-CBN.

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