Clint Bondad Caught Kissing A Transwoman Goes Viral Online

Does Clint aware that he has a leaking kissing video together with a transgender? If you saw the video the guy looks exactly like Clint, whoever that transgender is, we don’t care, but she is very lucky to kiss by a hunky guy that Clint looks like.

Clint went viral because of his creepy messages on social media and his willingness to meet Sam Milby which is now Catriona Gray’s boyfriend. (Insert Creepy picture of clint and Catriona with Sam Milby)

A lot of us are confused if Clint is the guy on the post of Multi-Millionaire Thai transgender “Anne Jakrajutatip.”

Anne posted:

“I don’t want a man who is a PSYCHOPATH in my life. I’m tired of German sausage.”

“I will clean up your DIRTY LITTLE SECRET now!!!”

“If you don’t stop the game I will tell the truth”

If you were the one on Anne’s continues to post on social media, do you have any comment for Clint?

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