Broken Hearted Girl Make Her Self Slim As a Revenge After her Ex Boyfriend Dumped Her For Being Overweight

Love makes us feel better every day, consider that it makes us happy and alive. Knowing that someone is always their us and loves us for being who we really are. Despite what flaws and imperfections. Also, it makes us bloom and gloom. However, there's an instance that sometimes being too in love we can't check our self, due to being focus on our partner. Some girls abandon their selves and didn't care what will result.

Amid to that situation, Majel Santiago a girl who left behind by her ex-boyfriend, due to her physical appearance, does revenge. She makes herself fit again. Majel's boyfriend left her for being overweight over for some pretty than her. This situation gave her the motivation to bring back her charm.

According to Majel, she got really fat because of stress. She went through stress eating as well as to her unhealthy lifestyle.

These are the reasons why she gained too much weight. is working out hard to achieve the looks she wants.  The reason why her ex-boyfriend dumped her. As a matter of fact, her ex-boyfriend's body shames her.

Right after their break up, the guy still posts mean words about her and even his new girlfriend tends to add mean comments against Majel.

Majel considered her situation as inspiration to focus on herself and bring her confidence back. From 85 kilos to 50 kilos, now looking at Majel photos you can say that she finally bring her confidence.

 Such an inspiration to others that being heartbroken doesn't make stop you in being who you are and not a reason to lose confidence, instead use it as a weapon to make yourself a better and beautiful person.

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