Angel Locsin Surprised Elderly Couples with Renovated Home

Kapamilya actress and philanthropist Angel Locsin has been very active in emergency response. Because of her selfless deeds, Forbes Asia named him one of their “Heroes of Philanthropy.” Millions of Filipinos admire him because she immediately offered help to her countrymen in times of crisis and disaster. Her friends and followers supported his initiatives.

In her new show on Kapamilya network, Iba Yan, the actress continues to help poor and needy people who are affected by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. She brings happiness and joy to the people she helped. In her last episode, Angel Locsin helped an elderly couple named Taty Jimmy and Nanay Emilia whose livelihood was stopped due to the pandemic. Tatay Jimmy is a jeepney driver who was not able to work for two months because of lockdown.

As a result, the “Iba Yan” team along with Angel made something that made the couple emotional. They surprised the couple by granting their wish to have furniture and paint their house.

An emotional moment ensued as the actress brought the elderly couple to their renovated house in Morong, Rizal. It can be seen that the couple couldn’t hold back their emotions after seeing their new home.

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