Andi Eigenman Made Philmar Alipayao Cry in Live Video Call

Andi Eigenmann show to the public how she's happy with her own family. Living a simple life with her husband and beloved daughter. The actress keeps on uploading their happy picture in her Instagram account. Also, she enjoys her life as a mother. Proofing by giving a message to her child that turns one. She called it one of a kind.

Seeing the bundle of joy grow into an amazing human being, the 30-year-old said she couldn’t wait to see what life has in store for Lilo. On the other hand, Philmar Alipayo relishes fatherhood. Reminiscing what he said that he was "so happy" to have her own child.

Recently, this couple buzzed the online after they get viral after Philmar Alipayo cried to video call with the actress Andi, his wife. Little did we that Andi flew back to manila with her daughters, Ellie Eigenmann and Lilo Alipayo.

It is visible that Philmar is having a good time with his friends and shared a video in his account. And suddenly Andi joined the call with her girls. Right after Philmar cant help his emotions after seeing his child.

As Ellie and Lilo came into view, Philmar could be seen cheering loudly with his friends. However, he eventually covered his face with his hand before stepping out of the camera to which Andi asked,  “Aww mahal, is he crying? Mahal, it’s life! Don’t cry.” Philmar did not come back to the video afterward.

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