Alessandra de Rossi Defends SONA Work of Director Joyce Bernal

Alessandra De Rosi a celebrity actress, defended the director Joyce Bernal against the basher about the fund that used to cover the SONA of the President. Knowing that Direct Joyce Bernal is the one who handles the SONA od the President yesterday.

One of the netizens questions the output of the SONA. Asking where the Million expenses went. Pointing out the overall set up the design in the stage where Mr. President is assigned to deliver his speech. In the twitter account own by @miaMagdalena she asking "if that is it" the theme offered by Direct Joyce Bernal saying that " Pinoy taste".

In twitter, Alessandra defended the Director by simply tweeting pertaining as a response to the tweet of one citizen.

Here are the tweets of Alessandra regarding the issue.

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