A Netizen Sought help from Raffy Tulfo for Veteran Actor John Regala

Helping others is nature if every Filipino. This is one of the characteristics that others feel idolized. For some reason that we help other people wholeheartedly. Also, it makes as fell fulfilled and relieved right after we helped others, consider that it's a good manner, however, it's so nice to see that they are happy that we do a hand.

Recently, there's a concerned citizen that posted the photo of the veteran actor John Regala, who looks so sick. On the picture, you may see that he is just sitting in the chair at the side of the road and waiting for someone. Many of the netizens hurt for what situation thus the actor experience.

The delivery boy Carl Marti Clariza, the one that uploaded the photo of Mr. John Regala in his Facebook Account just to seek some help and hoping that someone gives a hand to help. According to him, the actor John Regala is favoring a help from him to find his nurse. Unfortunately, Clariza doesn't hear it clearly due to the voice of Mr. Regala is cracking. So as an action he took a picture and post it in Social Media.

Luckily, Mr. Raffy Tulfo apparently responds in the said post. In his segment on television, he offers help to Mr. John Regala. Mr. Tulfo is willing to give Mr. Rega a 100 THOUSAND pesos for the actor to start to its own.

Also, Mr. Regala said that he is alone now, that he doesn't have relatives. “Wala na rin akong mga kamag-anak. magmula nung mamatay yung nanay, tinakwil na rin ako ng mga kamag-anak ko,” he said.

After the post of Clariza gets viral. Many concerned citizens offer help. And finally, Mr. Regala is now taking care of the professionals at one of the hospitals here in the country. Others are seeking help from some co-workers of John Regala in the showbiz industry.

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