"Totoy and Badiday" - Four Year Married Couple Broke up, Husband Caught Cheating

There are many quotations about being happily married and this one is the most popular “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” They say that this is the key to a successful marriage. But what would you do if after four years of falling in love with the same person comes to an end? What would you do if you wake up one day the person you have falling in love with falls in love with someone else?

That is the story of Kim Bryzephyre.  She posted photos of how her husband cheats on her Facebook account. She believed that true love has no ending for her and her husband because they are happily married for four years. She believed that her husband truly loves her for those four happily married years. Little did she know that her husband was cheating on her with a girl who was working on a club.

Luckily, Kim captured all the conversation that her husband and his third-party on her phone. She even warned on her caption after she posted it on Facebook. "Some photos and videos were not uploaded due to to sensitivity. Mahalay promise!!! At may respeto pa din naman ako lalo na sa mga inlaws ko, sobrang mahal ko sila at sa mga iilan niyang kaibigan na naging mabuti rin naman sakin, saming mag-ina."

Kim is we can say "recovered" but not fully on the pain that her ex-husband and the third party brought her. The post was about clarifying herself to the family of her ex-husband it is because her ex-husband was self-pitying and blaming Kim for their break up.

The moral of Kim's experience was, cheaters are not sorry for cheating, they were sorry because they got caught and even a long happy relationship might end to a tragedy once it was not handled carefully. Relationships are just like a vase, it can last longer than it looks but it is as fragile as it seemed.

Source: Facebook

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