This Indian Man answered the Questions from Filipinos about "Bumbays"

"Sige ka, kukunin ka ng Bumbay!" Many Filipino children have heard this threat from their parents or guardians at one point in their lives, especially during times when they don't want to sleep in the afternoon or stop playing on the streets. Clueless children, who most likely do not really understand what or who a "Bumbay" is, would just follow their parents or guardians out of fear.

In the Philippines, the term "Bumbay" is often used to call people of Indian origin. They are also often associated with Indian money lenders or those who engage in "5-6". Some Filipino's are indebted to them, and some are hiding from them because they don't have money to pay them.

Even so, some of us Filipinos are questioning their smell and where their money came from. In this case, an Indian guy was viral on TikTok for his videos answering some Pinoy's questions.

Mr.Nobodydudy (The Indian Guy) started a TikTok video by answering some comments about their culture and some other funny and random questions. For instance, a Pinoy asks him if it is true that many 'Bumbay' are not taking a bath? Mr. Nobodydudy answered the netizen that they are not bumbay, they are Indians and bumbay is a place which is actually pronounced Bombay(Mumbai).

Lots of videos of Mr. Nobodydudy circulated social media until it went on Facebook. Many Filipino Facebook users were having fun with his videos it is because of his witty answers on some of the questions to him. One of them is Jez Baetiong, she posted lots of videos of Mr. Nobodydudy on her account and it went viral a few days later.

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