The Viral Story of Toto and Badiday was Sent to Raffy Tulfo in Action

The Viral Story of Kim Bryzephyre that she posted photos of how her husband cheats on her Facebook account. She believed that true love has no ending for her and her husband because they are happily married for four years. She believed that her husband truly loves her for those four happily married years. Little did she know that her husband was cheating on her with a girl who was working on a club.

Luckily, Kim captured all the conversation that her husband and his third-party on her phone. She even warned on her caption after she posted it on Facebook. "Some photos and videos were not uploaded due to to sensitivity. Mahalay promise!!! At may respeto pa din naman ako lalo na sa mga inlaws ko, sobrang mahal ko sila at sa mga iilan niyang kaibigan na naging mabuti rin naman sakin, saming mag-ina."

Kim brought her story on Raffy Tulfo In Action. This is where she has spoken all the truth about how her husband cheats on her. In the very first part of the video, we can see that sir Raffy Tulfo kept on giving jokes about the so-called 'Badiday'. He even tells that 'Toto' should be replaced by 'Budoy'. But his feather-like aura loosens after Kim started telling them the truth. Sir Raffy became furious and he wanted the other woman to be in jail.

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