The Curious Case of Racman Panonde

At 10 am on June 7, 2020, someone named Ayumie Jhane Racman posted on Facebook the intriguing status "Asa naman ka byang?" along with series of other very concerned and distressed statuses about her friend. Two days later, a body was found in a cemetery in Cabadbaran and it was, unfortunately, her friend Bea Claire "byang" Mori.

Bea suffered 2 stab wounds in the stomach and had her throat slit open - a brutal and grotesque manner of execution indeed, something that could be born out of deep hatred; something that we may consider as a 'CRIME OF PASSION'.

Bea who was 15 and Ayumie who's 7 years older, despite their age gap, seemed to have a real close relationship, seeing as how they're always huddled up close together in their photos along with their other friends.

Long story short, 8 days later after the seemingly innocent status of a concerned friend, the police investigation came to an end and concluded that the same friend was after all the culprit in brutally taking away Bea's young life.

And the culprit was no other than, Racman Panonde aka the 'distraught' friend Ayumie Jhane Racman. The very same person who was one of the first people to notice that Bea was missing. Racman thought that he can get away with it if he plays it dumb on what happened. He gave a disturbing alibi by saying that Bea was with some unknown guy, and behind all the story's that Bea must have been executed.

But all of this was just for a show for the greater goal of deceiving everyone and misleading the investigation by shedding fake tears and tweaking circumstantial evidence on his favor. Click the source below for the whole story

Source: Facebook

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