Sofia Andres Introduces her Baby On Instagram

Actress Sofia Andres on Sunday, June 21, introduced followers to Zoe, her child with her boyfriend, race car driver Daniel Miranda. On Instagram, the actress began by talking about what she's learned while in quarantine and greeting her dad a Happy Valentine's Day.

"And since today is a special day for the fathers, I just want to take the chance to celebrate my first love, my dad who has been with me through ups and downs. Thank you, Daddy, for the generosity and the love," Sofia captioned.

She also greeted Daniel. "I also want to celebrate my greatest love, Daniel. I’m so grateful that I have you by my side because you have brought so much color and adventure into my world. Not only that, but you also been part of giving me my greatest happiness—our little angel."

"Right now I really feel complete, because I have my dad who always has my back, my love who loves me for who I am and now my little bundle of joy, whom I will love unconditionally and who will be my source of strength during these trying times. Shout out to all the fathers in the world, Happy Father's Day!"

Sofia also shared a picture of her baby's feet, with a crown emoji as its caption. Sofia is a proud mommy and she's not even worried what others might think.

The actress also posted a video documenting her pregnancy. In the video, Sofia thanked her friends, Daniel, and their families for guiding her. “Now that I’m a mom, this has changed something in me… I love you, Daniel. And to my dear Zoe, my princess, our sunshine, welcome to our lives," she said.

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