Part 2: The Story of Lyka and how She was Defended by her True Friends

We have heard, read, and talked about the most controversial story of Lyka Torrecampo. Lyka Torrecampo's story went viral after some of her friends posted the screenshot photos of her in their group chat in Messenger. The photos went viral because it contains uncensored photos of unclothed Lyka and a video of her playing with herself. Base on Lyka's story the photo and the video were supposedly for her boyfriend Paul. It seemed like Paul shared the photos of Lyka unclothed to Lyka's ex-friends.

Friends of Lyka Who Helped Her

Lyka is just a kid who fell in love with a wrong guy, a jerk to be specific. The photos supposedly private, confidential to others, and just for the two of them. Maybe Lyka got it all wrong by trusting her boyfriend to not spread her photos.

Luckily, Lyka had a bunch of friends who protected her and supports her. Perez Andrea one of her friends immediately screenshot all of the conversations in the Group chat and doesn't miss any of it. This act of her was for evidence to detain the ones who bullied Lyka and spread her unclothed photos and video.

The one who created a group chat and spread Lyka's unclothed photos and video is an act of cyberbullying, cybercrime, or cyber harassment. Republic Act No. 10175 or Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. The State recognizes the vital role of information and communications industries such as content production, telecommunications, broadcasting electronic commerce, and data processing, in the nation’s overall social and economic development.

Cyberbullying also includes photos, messages, or pages that don't get taken down, even after the person has been asked to do so. In other words, it's anything that gets posted online and is meant to hurt, harass or upset someone else. Intimidation or mean comments that focus on things like a person's gender, religion, sexual orientation, race, or physical differences count as discrimination, which is against the law in many states. That means the police could get involved, and bullies may face serious penalties.

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