Online Seller Suffers Loss After Being Pranked by a Buyer who uses Dummy Account

An online seller got pranked by someone named Jessica Mondragon. Jessica Mondragon ordered a bunch of food from Angie Laika Pilar for a birthday party celebration. Angie was hesitant about her buyer at first, she even considered the order as a prank maybe because we all know that prank ordering is spreading on social media. Jessica (The Prank Buyer)  on the other hand assured Angie that her orders are no pranked at all.

Angie trusted Jessica and they had some talk about the order of Jessica. Angie even sent her some photos of her product and the price of each and every variety she made. Angie asked her buyer on how did she know that she is selling foods online. Jessica ( The buyer) sent a photo screenshot of another person which is a mutual friend of both of them. This is the time that Angie was sure that Jessica is not a prank buyer.

Jessica ordered two tubs of Leche Flan and two small winnowing basket of 'puto' (steamed rice cakes). Upon meeting up, Angie was calling Jessica but this buyer is nowhere to reach it is because she went offline. This is when Angie realizes that she was pranked by someone. With high hopes, Jessica got online again and chatted with her that she was taking a bath. Angie was relieved because the food that she prepares is not going to waste.

Angie told Jessica not to offline again for assurance, Jessica did it so. But little did Agie know Jessica will never come and chatted her that it is all a prank. It was investigated that The account of the buyer is just a dummy account and uses photos of others.

The moral of the story is, think twice before talking to someone especially when it comes to business. Make sure that the one you are deal with is a trusted and a legit.

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