Online Seller Belittled by her Own Friend, Slammed her with Huge Profit

An online seller named Joy Anne Perez posted photos of screenshot conversation with her friend and how her friend belittled her. Joy Anne uses her Facebook account to advertise her products, the same as the other online seller. One of his friends got tired of her posting her product and started chatting her saying "Tinda parin Joy Anne?, Nakakasawa mga post mo girl sa totoo lang"

Joy Anne answered back because her friend's approach is so offensive. Her friend started belittling her and keeps on saying that, Joy should apply for a real job for a stable income. She even said that Joy Anne wasted her Diploma and it must have become the food of termites. Joy became furious because of this and started fighting back.

The shocking part is, Joy Anne's friend was indebted to her and hasn't been paying her debt for two years. This part of the conversation triggered the friend of Joy Anne.

Netizens went furious because of the way Joy Anne's friend insult and belittled her. She even has the guts on insulting the one who is she indebted for.

Joy Anne then posted her Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Certificate and even her Chart of Accounts. It is to prove that being an online seller is not just a simple game that may of us thinks.

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