OFW Makes Out with her Employer in the Middle of Video call with her Husband

OFW or Overseas Filipino Workers is a term often used to refer to Filipino migrant workers, people with Filipino citizenship who reside in another country for a limited period of employment. We often call them heroes because of their perseverance and strength. They are obliged to work in a different country and forced themselves to be away from their family. This the sacrifices that OFW are into when it comes to their family.

But what if this we so-called modern hero cheated on her husband? This is the story of a Filipino netizen whose wife is cheating on him.

Early morning the husband of the OFW receives a video call from his wife who works abroad. He even called her daughter for her to see her mom who works from a different country. Little did they know that he will experience the most heartbreaking and the most life-shattering moment of his life.

Upon the middle of the video call, the OFW suddenly kissed her employer and she is not considering that her husband and daughter were in there seeing them makeout. The husband immediately burst into tears and hugged her daughter. He is preventing the child to see a horrible situation. But it is too late. Their daughter experiences the most traumatizing thing first hand. She saw her mommy making out with her employee in front of her and her father. 

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