Netizens Went Furious After The Alex G and Matthaios' Controversial Exchange

Jun Matthew Brecio, better known as Matthaios, is an artist, ludology student, and founder of "Offended by Passion" from Las Piñas City, Philippines. Now part of MIDA$ Records roster of talents. December 29, 2019, when Matthaios hit his major hit which is the 'Catriona Song'. The Catriona Song now consists of 34 million views on Youtube and still gaining more views from the netizens. While Alex Gonzaga was Toni Gonzaga's sister and she is a Filipina television host, singer, actress, comedian, entrepreneur, blogger, and author.

In this case, Matthaios posted a video trash-talking Alex Gonzaga's (Actress and Youtuber) song "Chambe" which has 29 million views. We haven't still know what was the reason for this but Matthaios words hit the Actress that's why Alex Gonzaga also posted a video in reply to Matthaios words for her.

Netizens went angry at Matthaios' behavior about this issue. They even said that Matthaios made Catriona Song as a woman empowerment song but she was bullying Alex Gonzaga.

The latest news is, Nick Hernandez a rapper who posted that no one should let their emotion be a judgment about the controversial exchange of words of Matthaios and Alex, is now helping Matthaios on the fight against Alex Gonzaga.

Nick's Statement serves us as a big lie and a joke. If you wanted the fight to be over you should stay on the neutral side.

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