Netizens went Crazy after this Online Seller Posted an Intriguing Statement about her Customer

An online seller went viral after posting an intriguing statement about her client or customer. Marites Solomon (The Seller) went mad at his customer after wearing a simple spaghetti strap shirt and short-shorts.

Marites was mad because the one who delivered the product is her husband, and upon checking the phone for proof that her husband completed the negotiation she notices that there is not only one but three photos of the girl. We can completely say that Marites was insecure and jealous because she didn't get mad at her husband and get mad at her customer.

"Sa mga customer natin Jan wag gayahin to sand manlang ayusin mo panamit mo babai ka slam mo may mag dedeliver sau mag suot kayo ng maayos customers" She said. Well, This is not the customer's fault after all. Why would the customer wear a formal attire even if she was at home and no other place to go?

"Nakita ko to sa cp mismo ng asawa ko hnde ko slam bakit nya pnicturan lalaki e say kc pinag deliver ko kasi dami ako inaasikaso be aware customers". Marites added. So the truth prevail after all. This is not the customer's fault but his husband's. Her husband is a jerk knowing that he has a wife and flinging on the customer.

Netizens shares their different opinion about this Facebook post. Some say that her husband is the wrong one because taking 3 photos of the customer for proof is too much.

Let this be an example that sometimes the problem is with the delivery guy or person not on the seller and the buyer.

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