Mommy Pinty Gonzaga Defends Alex from Matthaios' Rant on Social Media

After the actress-vlogger, Alex Gonzaga fired back to the attack of rapper Matthaios who popularized the song 'Catriona', Mommy Pinty (Alex's Mom) joined the conversation.

Apparently, the younger sister of Toni Gonzaga also can do the rap genre. This is what she used in firing back to Matthaios. It appeared that this started when the rapper tweeted: “Ewan ko na lang ah, pero I just heard yung song na “AMFEE” and I think she was facing the mirror nung kinakanta niya ‘yon. Lol, jk! (victory hand emoji, nerd face emoji)” Alex replied to this by saying, “Please. SMH. (so much hate)”

Matthaios replied to this with a rap also. He was saying that Alex’s Chambe is not “malupit”. The rapper appeared to be questioning the actress-vlogger for being an “artist”. Then Mommy Pinty joined them asking what SMH means. Alex answered her mom "Sinong Mommy Ho?". Mommy Pinty then fired back at Matthaios living a comment of "Kala mo sino kang sikat, mag sama nalang kayo ni @DJLOONYO mga nakalanghap ng utot"

After things become worst, Alex Gonza lately posted that she and Matthaios were clarifying some things between both of them. We'll hope that things would be fine as soon as possible.

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