Mayor Donya Tesoro's Image When Being Pressured by Stress

Donya Tesoro (born April 5, 1991) is a politician from San Manuel, Tarlac, Philippines. The lady became a mayor at a young age of only 28. Other than a mayor she is also very popular on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook where thousands of people follow her.

This past dew months Donya is taking the necessary steps on the pandemic disease (COVID-19). Donya Tesoro has ordered the municipal corporation to deploy sanitation teams in different parts of San Manuel. She also shared images regarding this on Facebook.

In her personal life, she is a very lively person and tries to live her life as per her choice. If you look at her Instagram account then you will see her personal life but if you want to see her daily life and when it comes to her life as a mayor then head towards her Facebook page.

Some people want to know who her husband is or whether she is married or not but let me tell you that Donya Tesoro is not married. She even shared a video on Facebook how stressed she was and said "Wala na ngang Lovelife stress pa". So there is hope for someone who wanted to be part of Mayor Donya's life, so don't lose hope.

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