Marlou Arizala Explained Himself after the Viral post of His Girlfriend

Marlou Arizala (born May 11, 1997), formerly known professionally as Xander Ford, is a Filipino social media personality and a former member of the group Hasht5, a boy band parody whose videos became popular in 2015. After the disbanding of the boy band Hasht5, he has undergone plastic surgery, changing his name to "Xander Ford".

Marlou or Xander Ford received lots of hate because of his attitude here are some of them, On the second week of October 2017, an apparent Ford mocks actress Kathryn Bernardo over her bow-leggedness (sakang) through the video clip. On April 23, 2019, Star Image Artist Management announced that they will suspend Arizala and decided to "take back" the Xander Ford name due to his unprofessional behavior.

An hour after the viral post of her Girlfriend on how abusive he is as a boyfriend, Marlou posted a video publicly apologizing on his mistakes and he even cries for forgiveness from her girlfriend. He was afraid that her girlfriend might break up with him.

He even explains himself saying that everything that happens was just a misunderstanding and he didn't mean to hurt her girlfriend physically. The video was posted on a Facebook page called Today's Viral. The video now consists of 1.6 Million views, 10 Thousand reactions, and 6.7 Thousand shares.

Though the damage has been done and we would expect that her girlfriend would finally break up with this abusive man.

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