Marlou Arizala a.k.a Xander Ford Accused of Beating Up His own Girlfriend

Marlou Arizala (born May 11, 1997), formerly known professionally as Xander Ford, is a Filipino social media personality and a former member of the group Hasht5, a boy band parody whose videos became popular in 2015. After the disbanding of the boy band Hasht5, he has undergone plastic surgery, changing his name to "Xander Ford".

Marlou or Xander Ford received lots of hate because of his attitude here are some of them, On the second week of October 2017, an apparent Ford mocks actress Kathryn Bernardo over her bow-leggedness (sakang) through the video clip. On April 23, 2019, Star Image Artist Management announced that they will suspend Arizala and decided to "take back" the Xander Ford name due to his unprofessional behavior.

Today, a viral post of her Girlfriend breaks the internet after she posted that Marou was beating her up. Marlou's Girlfriend reveals how this man hurt her so much physically.

Looking at their picture it is not visible how their relationship is going through. We can all see how they are sweet and lucky to have each other. However, there's a quote Don't judge a book by its cover. Even they are sweet in public theirs a bitterness in private.

He even lied to her girlfriend's brother that their relationship is fine. Little did the brother know her sister was being abused by Marlou. Marlou even hacked her girlfriend's Instagram Account to hide everything that he did.

Being a relationship si really gives you a happy feeling and butterflies in your tummy that makes you feel light and bright. Knowing that you are loved by a person is a thankful and blessed thought. It is so nice to have a one that gives you love rather than pain. But unfortunately, not all of us can experience it

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