Man Bribed a Cellphone Repair Technician for His Phone not to be Repaired

We all know that cell phones are the perfect way to stay connected with others and provide the user with a sense of security. In the event of an emergency, having a cell phone can allow help to reach you quickly and could possibly save lives. However, the importance of cell phones goes way beyond personal safety.

Cell phones have become a necessity for many people throughout the world. The ability to keep in touch with family, business associates and access to email are only a few of the reasons for the increasing importance of cell phones. Today's technically advanced cell phones are capable of not only receiving and placing phone calls, but storing data, taking pictures, and can even be used as walkie talkies, to name just a few of the available options.

In this case, Gsm Kolokoy is a cellphone repair technician and received a Two Thousand Peso from one of his customers. Gsm Kolokoy thought that it was just a down payment for him. Gsm Kolokoy was glad at first after receiving a down payment of Two Thousand Pesos.

Little did Gsm Kolokoy it was a bribe for him by the man who owned the phone. The funny thing is the man who owned the phone left a note not to repair his phone. The question is, why would you bring your phone to a cellphone repair shop if you don't want it to be fixed? Well, the answer was also in the note. And the one who wanted the phone to get fixed is the wife of the man who owned the phone. The man who owned the phone just simply put the money and the note when her wife is not looking.

Lyka Senñanghea the wife of the man chatted Gsm Kolokoy and told him how's the phone going and asked if he also reset the password of the phone. Kolokoy said that it was on process, after replying the wife replied to him and said that he would give Kolokoy 6,000 Pesos if Kolokoy fixed it ASAP. Kolokoy fixed the phone immediately and chatted with the wife of the owner and assuring that he would get the 6,000 pesos as a payment.

Kolokoy received the payment and the wife of the man who owned the phone got busted on his unlawful act. Kolokoy is now happy because he had extra money for the patent of his bills.

The moral of this is if you going to bribe a phone technician make sure that you would put a little more amount. And to be serious, cheating is unforgivable especially when it resorts to this kind of cheating.

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