Lea Salonga trends on Twitter as Fans Stands for Her

Music icon Lea Salonga was atop the list of local Twitter trends on Tuesday, not for any performance or TV appearance, but as fans expressed support for the Broadway star following her successive posts about issues besetting the country, on top of the pandemic.

Lea Salonga did not hide her frustration with what's happening in the Philippines, as she took to Facebook on Monday, June 15 to express her thoughts. In the post, she wrote: "Dear Pilipinas, p***** ina, ang hirap mong mahalin". "I hate this year. I really, really hate this year," she posted after an hour.

Lea Salonga did not mention what exactly she was frustrated about but in a conversation with Constitutional Reformist advocate and Correct Movement founder Orion Perez, who said that the government had a "bulok (rotten) system," the Voice of the Philippines coach and international theater actress, replied: "I want to think to fix the system is possible still, albeit difficult. But we may now be beyond that point." She also said that she doesn't believe in everything that she reads and sees, even if the sources are credible.

"Here's my problem... I don't possess a lot of trust in the things I see and read, even if and when the sources are supposed to be those in which we should be able to have unquestionable trust. Second, I house a conspiracy theorist in my head, one that I do try to quell to stay focused on the long game. Third, there is always a sense of fear that if anyone pisses off the wrong guy, one can get shot in broad daylight," she said.

Salonga, in a separate Facebook post, also talked about rape culture, in light of the controversial "advice" of a Quezon province police station for women to dress appropriately, to avoid sexual assault. "Rape jokes? Not funny. And no, what a woman wears should never be a reason for her being raped. And, as has been pointed out, it really doesn't matter what a woman wears. If a rapist wants to do the deed, he will," she said.

Coming to her defense, Salonga's fans launched "I stand with Lea Salonga," a declaration that within minutes became the No. 1 Philippine trend on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon.

Aside from backing the singer, they also continued circulating Salonga's stand on several issues, both past, and present — an indication, they said, that Salonga's loyalty lies in the country, and not in any political color.

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