Kathryn Bernardo Shares How She Stays Fit While in Lockdown

Celebrities have been cooped up at home just like us, to help flatten the COVID-19 curve. Shoots have been put on hold, and stepping out of their homes has not been an option either. While some of them have jumped into the baking bandwagon, some have been doing some serious vlogging, and others have tried their hand at DIY beauty projects!

On the other hand, some celebrities have been working on their fitness ever since the lockdown began, like Kim Chiu who has been doing the jump rope and hula hoop challenge, and husband and wife duo Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero who have not stopped doing their couple routines ever since they started sheltering in place. Another A-list celebrity who has been sweating it out is none other than Kathryn Bernardo, who surprised the Internet by posting not one, not two, but ten post-workout selfies!

Last night, the Queen of Hearts shared her heartfelt thoughts about how she has been diligently working on her fitness ever since the lockdown started. She goes on to say, "Ever since the lockdown began, I swore to myself that I will work out at least 3x a week to keep my body healthy (and to offset all those junk I eat) especially at a time like this. "

"Thanks to online and Zoom workout classes, I actually ended up working out almost every day! You just need to find out the right fitness routine for you, and I swear, you’ll enjoy the process along the way. Tip: Start with 15mins per day first and adjust it from there based on what your body can handle! There are lots of free ab/full-body workout routines that you can check on YouTube for reference."

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