Grab Driver Shares His Experience being Discriminated by his own Family and Friends

During this time, we wanted to appreciate and thank all of our frontliners including the hard-working delivery riders who continue to provide bone marrow service and care for us despite the threat to their health. But despite their immense help, especially now that limited access and outreach people still do not appreciate their noble work, they as delivery riders are the ones doing the work and delivering. your needs

But some of us aren't that grateful to someone. They discriminate against them and belittling them rather than being proud of what they are doing during this time. Just like Brian Tabuzo's experience, he is a Grabfood delivery rider and some of his acquaintances asked him why he chose that kind of job even he is a college-level worker. Even his family and friends are belittling his choices in life. According to Brian, their work is not always simple and easy, but because they enjoy it and love what they do, they are not ashamed of it as long as they know that they are not alone and that no one else is.

"Oh pre! Naggagrab kana lang pala? Diba college level ka naman? Bat jan ka bumagsak? Bata kapa diba? Dami pang trabaho mas better jan." - highschool mate said. Honestly "HAHAHAHAHHA wala lang" yan na lang ang naisagot ko, ganyan pala kababa ang tingin nyo saming mga food/parcel delivery riders. Oo bente anyos pa lang ako, daming mas magandang trabaho jan, pero pinili ko to dahil masaya ko dito ang mahalaga di kami nanlalamang ng ibang tao.

No one deserves to be discriminated against. We should be appreciable of every person and everything they doing good. Let's stop discriminating nor belittling, let's support each other's work and respect each other's job.

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