Girlfriend of Marlou Arizala went to Raffy Tulfo and Asked for Assistance

A viral post of Marlou's Girlfriend breaks the internet after she posted that Marou was beating her up. Marlou's Girlfriend reveals how this man hurt her so much physically. Looking at their picture it is not visible how their relationship is going through. We can all see how they are sweet and lucky to have each other. However, there's a quote Don't judge a book by its cover. Even they are sweet in public theirs a bitterness in private.

Earlier today, Marlou's girlfriend sought help from the known fast and reliable helper these days, Mr. Raffy Tulfo. She elaborated on all the things that Marlou did to her and explained everything that happened. Marlou's girlfriend said that Marlou wanted to have intercourse with her even though she didn't want too.

Mr. Raffy Tulfo even said that Marlou was 'Manyak' (Pervert) due to his anger with him but, later on, he apologizes. Mr. Raffy Tulfo then immediately acts to Marlou's request and said that if a guy wanted to have intercourse with a girl even if it is your girlfriend, live-in partner or, wife, but she didn't want to, it was "rape."

It is true because the withdrawal of consent effectively nullifies any earlier consent and subjects the male to forcible rape charges if he persists in what has become nonconsensual intercourse.

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