Emman Nimedez is Still Pushing for His Dreams and Bravely Fighting Against Cancer

Video creator Emman Nimedez announced that he has been diagnosed with leukemia, a type of blood cancer.“Ito na ‘yong pinakamatindi na laban na haharapin ko (This is the hardest battle I will have to face),” he said before revealing his disease in a vlog on May 17.

He said he suffered from fever for some time and initially thought it was the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). His bone marrow was tested and it was found that he had leukemia. “Lahat ginagawa ko para manatiling matibay, maging handa at higit sa lahat, maging malakas kasi kailangan eh,” he assured fans.

Emman Nimedez is suffering from Acute myeloid leukemia. AML accordingly starts in the bone marrow and quickly affects the blood. It is medically called acute because it has rapid progress and myeloid. After all, this is the type of cell that has been affected. It can also spread to various parts of the body such as lymph nodes, liver, spleen, central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), and testicles.

Recently, there is a photo of Emman Nimedez circulating all over the different social media sites. A photo that can brighten all his fans out there. Emman was playing online games and still pushing for his dreams even though he was confined to a hospital. This is great news! We can see that Emman is fighting and going to beat his cancer.

More about Emman's cancer:  AML is a type of cancer that can be treated with chemotherapy which can be followed by a stem cell transplant as per Cancer.org. How deadly can this type of cancer be? According to Medscape, a patient with AML can die due to uncontrolled infection or hemorrhage which can possibly happen even after “use of appropriate blood product and antibiotic support.” With proper medication Emman will be back on his vlogging soon!

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