DJ Loonyo Told Filipinos Who Couldn't Provide that they Need to be "Smartable"

Corona Virus-infected thousands and could easily affect millions of people around the world.  The big question s what will happen to a person who is infected by this virus. Some researchers said that the virus living in the surfaces, and f you touched the contaminated surface then you touch your mouth, you will be infected.

Last three months ago a video of DJ Loonyo went viral on social media after warning his fellow Filipino that if they continue disobeying the government's order about the enhanced community quarantine it could make the whole region be the next Wuhan. Wuhan is where the pandemic disease (COVID-19) started and now it is free from it.

Today, another video of DJ Loonyo went viral after talking about how Filipinos who couldn't provide to do more and that God is just testing their faith. Recently, the influencer made a statement regarding the mass testing and our Netizens didn't like what they heard. He became the target of the people for spreading a statement with that kind of mindset.

What is surprising is that
 he is the one who said that if the Philippines does not comply with the government, it might end up being the next Wuhan.

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