Daryl Ong Reveals the Reason why he got Banned from ABS-CBN

Daryl Neilsonn Ong, or simply known as Daryl Ong is a Filipino singer and songwriter. He rose to fame after joining the singing competition The Voice of the Philippines. After a few weeks of being absent on some shows of ABS-CBN before its shutdown, Ong revealed that he was banned by the Kapamilya Network.

In a YouTube video uploaded Monday, June 15, Ong narrated the circumstances that led to his eventual ban from the Kapamilya network. Ong said it was unfortunate that his harmless comment about the ABS-CBN franchise cost him and Bugoy Drilon their jobs with the network. According to Daryl, they were on an Iloilo trip for an out of town show when their conversation was recorded and apparently reached an ABS-CBN executive.

Base on his story, Daryl said they were originally discussing investing in the stock market when the conversation leads to the ABS-CBN franchise issue. He said Bugoy showed him an online petition in support of ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal which only needed 60 thousand more signatures to reach the 1 million target. Daryl, however, countered Bugoy saying it’s only 60 thousand signatures, not 60 thousand more thus it’s impossible to reach the target anymore.

“Sabi ni Bugoy na 60 thousand na lang yung kulang para mabuo yung 1 million. Ako naman nakita ko rin yun, ang pagkakakita ko naman 60 thousand pa lang yung nagsasign. So sabi ko kay Bugs [Bugoy] ‘Hindi, hindi 60 thousand na lang, 60 thousand pa lang at anong petsa na….Wala na yan malabo na yan hindi na yan aabot kasi 60 thousang pa lang anong petsa na,'” Daryl narrated.

“Tapos nagdagdag ako ng comment na sabi ko mahirap yan, naku malabo na yan mahirap yan, kalaban ba naman nila ang gobyerno, si Presidente ba naman ang kalaban, so malabo na yan,” he added. According to Daryl their conversation about the franchise ended there, however, they didn’t know that the person beside them at their table was secretly recording their conversation.

And that recording was eventually handed to one of the executives of ABS-CBN who decided to ban him and Bugoy from all ABS-CBN programs and events. “After nun pagbalik namin ng Manila miniting kame ako ni ate K yung manager namin tapos kinuwento nya na yun na nga ah, ‘Daryl banned kayo ni Bugoy sa ABS,'” he said.

Even though he’s already banned from the Kapamilya network, Daryl still thanked everyone who allowed him to reach whatever he has now with his career. He said he’s thankful for all the shows and projects that were entrusted to him which contributed to the development of his career. He also added that he has no grudge with ABS-CBN but only gratefulness for allowing him to share his talent.

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