Couple Immediately got Married after Going to City Hall For Inquiry of Available Date for their Wedding

Marriage is a legal contract between two people who's deeply in love with each other and wants to be together forever. It is the most awaited event in the life of both lovers. Giving a blessing to live in one roof and to formally announced as husband and wife. Being married to someone you love the most gives you a heartfelt feeling. This event is the one we should prepare because it is when two people decide to be in one.

Recently, Erica Candelaria-Sagum posted their shocking and incredible wedding experience. Erica and her boyfriend went to the office of the mayor for inquiry of a possible date of their wedding. But General Trias Mayor, Antonio Ferrer shocked them for saying that he will immediately do the ceremony of Erica and her boyfriend the same day.

Just like any other bride, Erica dreamt about wearing her beautiful long gown for her wedding day and she didn't expect that her sleeves, jeans pants, and face mask will be her wedding outfit. Erica and her boyfriend supposedly got married last April 25th, but due to pandemic they postponed their wedding and this month they decided to got married.

Well, Erica's story is full of twists. Well we Filipinos have a saying that "Pagkahaba-haba man ng prusisyon, sa simbahan din ang tuloy." (No matter how long it takes, the couple must be married and live a happy life).

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