"Ang Huling Habilin" -Daughter Shared the Scheduled Email that Her Late Dad Sent to Her

A 22-year-old daughter from Quezon City was shocked upon receiving an email from her dad who passed away in August 2019. Uploader Aly Mendoza said she did not open the email right away and that it took her two days before reading it.

“Who wouldn’t be scared to get and open an email from someone who passed away 10 months ago, plus it was 3:00AM and I was finishing requirements and I was the only one awake in our whole house,” she said. Apparently, it was a scheduled email that her dad wrote before he passes away

“…I couldn’t believe what I was reading. My dad’s love for my mom is definitely immeasurable,” Aly said. “The e-mail contained instructions for me for their anniversary celebration this year. Apparently, before my dad passed away, he planned everything. He even contacted and paid for a florist to deliver flowers to my mom for the coming years on every special occasion,” she said.

Aly added that the e-mail also contained a letter that her dad wrote for her mom. “He literally thought of everything to make his great love feel all his love,” she said. Mendoza followed all the instructions written in the email. Their house helper also assisted her in setting up the surprise, which took them almost six hours to finish.

“Of course my mom cried because she misses the love of her life but I could see how happy everything made her because she knew that everything was planned by my dad,” Mendoza said. Her parents were supposed to celebrate their 25th silver anniversary on June 10, 2020, but unfortunately, her father passed away last August 21, 2019, due to chronic kidney disease and heart disease.

Her parents had planned to go to Jerusalem to renew their vows on their anniversary.

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