Andi Eigenmann Earns Praise for Holding Huge Water Tub while Riding Motorcycle

Several celebrities have left the showbiz industry for different reasons. One of those who chose to live a life away from the limelight is former actress Andi Eigenmann. Leaving her luxurious life and promising showbiz career, she chose to live a simple life away from the limelight. One look at her, and it couldn’t be clearer, she’s embracing motherhood for all that it is, choosing to see it as a blessing above all else.

As we all know, Andi Eigenmann moved to Siargao to get away from life’s hustle and bustle. There she met champion surfer Philmar Alipayo, the father of her second child Keliana Alohi or Lilo, and also the acting dad of Andi’s daughter Ellie. She pushes for the protection of the environment and she wanted to live a simple life away from luxury.

Recently, a photo of Andi riding a motorcycle together with Philmar was captured by a netizen. According to netizen “Contessa Aubrea Paraico – Carnaje”, she saw the former actress holding a large water tub while riding on a motorcycle together with Philmar Alipayo. The netizen stated that Andi Eigenmann does not hesitate to hold the water tub and she is still gorgeous and classy.

Meanwhile, Andi reposted it on her Instagram story. “When I want to buy things, I have to hold it. And pray I don’t drop it cus patay tayo kay @chepox,” she captioned her post.

Several netizens expressed their admiration for the former actress. Some say that they are envy how Andi enjoys her simple life now.

Andi Eigenmann is now an island woman and she visibly enjoys her life with his husband and their children. Andi is now happy and contented with the life she has today.

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