A 2013 Song that Predicted Corona Virus in 2020 Now Leaving People Baffled

Is it a coincidence or a conspiracy theory? Dr. Creep Rap-song from 2013 predicts the coronavirus for the year 2020. Social media is raising questions on Music video from 2013 Dr. Creep -“Pandemic” with the lyrics “2020 Coronavirus Bodies Stacking”. Complete with Fema coffins.

Seven years ago this guy predicted or warned us about the coronavirus scare in Dr. Creep – Pandemic. At 1:08 you’ll hear the words “2020 combined with coronavirus, body stacking”. If you listen to the entire song. It’s full of gems, like “Flu shot propaganda for population control”. That one comes at the 39-second mark. This may be a prediction from the past or a planned phenomenon.

Maybe Dr. Creep was giving us a hint on what should we do seven years ago. But we are too naive to understand what is the message of his song. This is just a conspiracy theory from many different persons out there. If you'll listen carefully to the song you can see at 1:01, that the scientist is well stocked with toilet paper, foreshadowing the great TP rush of 2020 due to “coronavirus”. The song was much creepier to hear if you'll realize all the lyrics that it has. It is all about how this year will start and end.

Watch the video below:

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