Sinas Fell Off His Chair in a Conference Meeting

National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) chief Major General Debold Sinas has apologized for allowing his men to throw a surprise birthday party for him at their police camp despite the ban on mass gatherings while Metro Manila remained on lockdown.

"I apologize for what transpired during my birthday that caused anxiety to the public. It was never my intention to disobey any existing protocols relative to the implementation of enhanced community quarantine," Sinas said in a statement sent to reporters on Wednesday, May 13.

NCRPO cops held a surprise birthday party for Sinas on May 8 to celebrate his 55th birthday. They gave a mañanita – an early morning serenade – for Sinas then they dine together without observing physical distancing, breaking quarantine protocols.

After his birthday celebration breaks the internet for being viral up until now. A new video of the NCRPO Chief has become a new trend. Philippine Politics Sh*tposting, posted a video of the NCRPO chief as he fell off his chair and his comrades immediately helped him to get up. You can see in the video that some of the staff in the meeting room were forcing themselves not to laugh. Some are are videos and photos as he fell on the floor.

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