Poor Grandma Struggles to Buy Smartphone for Grandson So He Can Attend Online Classes

Regardless of what happens in our country, bought by Pandemic Virus ( Covid-19). A lot of things are changing due to protect ourselves against the virus. Some work has been done at home. Educating students thru online classes. Just to obey the protocols of Social Distancing and to prevent the spreading of viruses.

Recently, there's a viral heartbreaking post about the Grandma who can't buy a smartphone for her Grandchild for his to attend the online class. A Facebook user named Jatupol Boriboon has shared the heartbreaking photos of an elderly grandma struggling to buy a smartphone so her grandson can attend online classes. The photo garnered various reactions from the online community. Boriboon is working at a Vivo Smartphone store in Rattanaburi, Thailand when an old woman together with its grandson visited the store. The elderly lady wants to buy a phone for her grandson.

Unfortunately, the woman has only 2,000 baht ($62) So that it is not enough to buy one. The sales clerk explained to them that the store didn’t have any available smartphone for that amount, but she gets it via installment.

The sales clerk explained to them that their store didn’t have any available smartphone for that amount, but she will get it via installment. However the process of installment payment also cants afford the woman. In this case, it makes Bariboon thinks that it is so difficult for parents and student to do online especially for those who lack financial needs. Aside from gadgets, students need to pay monthly internet connection to pursue their studies.

“Online learning is a great initiative but for kids who are from poor families, it is a privilege. Most elementary school students do not have phones and now they have online classes which will burden quite a few parents,” Boriboon said.

A lot of countries worldwide are now planning to shift to online classes due to the continuous spread of the coronavirus disease.

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