Netizen Cursed at Willie Revillame, Thinking Kuya Wil is A Prank Caller

TV host Willie Revillame recently launched his online game show “Tutok To Win,” which aims to help Filipinos financially in the middle of the enhanced community quarantine due to the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak. In Wowowin’s YouTube channel, Willie posted a video showing the improvised studio of his online show in his resort in Puerto Galera.

“Mga mahal naming kababayan at mga Kapuso, eto gumawa kami ng paraan para kahit papaano ay magbigay pa rin ng saya sa inyo at tulong sa aming munting kakayahan. Gumawa kami ng diskarte, ika nga, gumawa kami ng stage o studio na parang radio po,” Willie said.“Lahat ng ito ay naisip ko lang na kahit papaano makapagbigay pa rin kami ng saya sa inyo." “Tutok To Win” will air after “Wowowin” on GMA-7. People who want to win need to watch “Wowowin” for Willie’s questions.

One of the episodes of 'Tutok To Win" went viral online after a netizen answered Willie Revillame's call and cursing him. After cursing Kuya Wil the netizen immediately apologizes to the "Tutok To Win" host. Maybe the netizen thought that it is a prank call that's why she cursed the caller. Little did she know the one who's calling her will give her P5,000 to P10,000.

Let this be a moral to everyone who received a call from an unknown number.  Let's wait until the caller says his or her name before we say something.

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