MMDA Enforcer Faces Raps for Beating Up his Wife and Kid

Child abuse, sexual, and domestic violence are among the most destructive experiences afflicting women and children. The wide prevalence of such violence takes an enormous toll on the lives of individual victims as well as the larger society, through innumerable behavioral, health, psychological, and economic consequences.

In this case, a video that was uploaded to a Facebook page, ONE Cinema breaks the internet after the video became viral because of a father mistreating his wife and his child. The man was Roel G. Gatos and he is an MMDA Metro Aide. As a man who is working as a security officer, he may seem inadequate on the precautionary measures and the law.

In the viral video, Roel is like an angry monster who is disturbed by some random people. He is brutally punching his wife on her stomach. He does not care even it is her wife or not. Luckily her wife was able to tell their kids to video the said mistreatment. And that is why the video is a bit shaky and unfocused. But who cares if it is shaky, the video can be used as evidence if they file a case about the mistreatment. The wife even received lots of bruises and scars due to her husband's mistreatment.

Sadly, Roel noticed that his son is filming a video about what is he doing to his wife. After that, the video is cut and started again from a different angle. Now, the one who is brutally mistreated is Roel's son and the one who is filming is her wife.

Netizens send pity to the kid and his mother. Most are in a rage because of what Roel did to them and some are giving the wife advice to file a case against Roel.

Source: ONE Cinema

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