Man Giving Bottle Gourd on the Street to Help his Fellow Citizens

On this day that the Pandemic Virus is affecting almost all of the countries in our world and still there's no cure provided or invented. We should take care of ourselves and follow all the protocols provided. This Virus may end as soon as possible. All of the people get panicked and afraid every day since each day, the number of infected people is increasing.

Social Distancing is strictly implemented. Some of the works are affected due to the spreading of the Corona Virus. In this full of negative happening in are surrounding it is so good for us to see positive events that some people do. Like how we help each other.

There's a viral video in the social media that shows a man who is giving a vegetable for each person passed by in his front. It is posted in the Social Media account of Gary Bacos. It is truly heartwarming to know that despite what's happening, we never forget to help each other.

Here's a clip of how man gave a vegetable to others.

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