LDR Couple that Met Each Other on Messenger, Gets Married Two Years after their First 'Wave'

Social Media lets people connect with each and every one. What's funny is that there are times when these friendly 'waves' on messenger can actually be the foundation of the love and happiness of a random person who met on social media. That is the story of Kate Garcia-Axalan and Gian Arlo Axalan. A couple who started as a random stranger who 'waves' at the messenger.

Kate Garcia-Axalan shares how she met Gian Arlo Axalan on Messenger. It started with a simple wave from Gian on December 6, 2017. Apparently, Gian saw her somewhere on his newsfeed and decided to introduce himself to Kate.

From that first 'wave', the two random people developed a friendship that would quickly turn into something more. Despite their distance, the two find love in each other. Soon enough, they would meet in person and affirm their love for each other. They continued with their long-distance relationship (LDR). We know that LDR is the most challenging type of relationship because it will balance your time with each other.

Years past until Gian Arlo decided to propose to Kate, and guess what? Kate said "Yesss!"

Recently, Kate shared photos that chronicled their wonderful yet funny love story, right from the moment that Gian sent her a 'wave' on Messenger to their first meeting to the day they were engaged and until the day they tied a knot.

Because they considered December 6 as their special day, for it was the day they first 'wave' on social media, Gian and Kate decided that they would also get married on December 6. So exactly 2 years after that first 'wave', Gian and Kate get married.

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