Julia Baretto's 'No Bra' Video Breaks the Internet

Julia Barretto's video on Youtube went viral after she was spotted not wearing her Bra. Netizens were shocked and dumbfounded at the same time because they are not expecting this to happen. As much can see in the said video, Julia Barretto is cooking some dishes for their Dinner.

From her Instagram account to Youtube and now going viral on Facebook. A Snowball effect of instant Trending topic online. Because of this viral video, Julia Barretto received lots of hates and bashing. But some of them are full support of what she has done. It is because lots of women understand her, that wearing a bra for a long time is painful on their breasts.

But then again, Filipinos are too naive with this kind of mentality that is why some women are not into this kind of thing. It is because for them if they did this men are going to be cheeky on them. That's what Julia Barretto received in the first place. Saying jerk words on her because she is bra-less on her video. But Julia Barretto does not care about what others might say and continue her bra-less journey on her house.

Even Dra. Vico Belo is being supportive of Julia's actions saying “I think Julia is right. Sometimes, it’s better not to wear a bra if you’re just lounging around the house, and especially if your breasts are not over a B cup or are not sagging,” “Not wearing a bra allows for better blood circulation especially in the lung and breast area. Secondly, bra straps can be pressing on the area between the shoulder and the neck leading to neck pain.”

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