Enhanced Quarantine Community is implemented now in the Philippines. President Rodrigo Duterte gives power for each of the authorities to accommodate and making sure that everyone is safe. Also, there are rules to follows, and if it's violated by someone, there's a consequence to face.

A fish vendor in Quezon City reported that he violated the rules under EQC, because of not wearing a mask. Recently, he gave a statement that he is willing to settle with the Barangay after hit repeatedly. 

He was at QC Police District Station 10 with charges of resistance and disobedience to persons of authority. But immediately release and admitted to the Quezon City Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center at Barangay Payatas for assessment, evaluation, treatment, and care because of positive drug test results.

Michael Rubuia the fish vendor, only asked the person who hit him to be obliged for his treatment in those injuries done.

“Pagamot na lang po niya ‘tong mga nangyari sa’kin,” said Rubuia, who was said to have some mental impairment.
“Paaayos na lang po niya ako, okay na po sa’kin kasi aminado po ako na mahina pagiisip ko eh kasi ‘di naman po ako nakapagaral masyado,” he added.
Joel Laurel, the watchman who hit Rubuia was suspended.

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