Delivery Rider is 4 Minutes Late, Customer Cancels Order and Gives Him Bad Rating

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, many people forced to stay at home to be safe. Some of us can't go to work, school, churches, and many more to avoid spreading the virus and to maintain social distancing.

We hear many issues about a customer who cancels her/his order to a rider, it is heartbreaking because most of the riders make an advance payment for your order with their own money. This situation happened also to this man below.

Recently, the Lalamove rider shared his bad experience on his Facebook post after his customer canceled the order because he just late for about 4 mins. She also gives him a bad rating.

In a convo of Keith de Guzman posted, we can see on their conversation that he received the booking at 1:57PM on May 18. But he already at the gate of his customer at 2:24PM. But the customer replied a few minutes later, telling him that the booking instructions specified that the order should be delivered by 2:20PM.

He explained what happened and also apologizing for being 4 minutes late but the customer said that her dad had already gone out. He was supposed to be the one to pay for the food. Since she didn’t have money to pay De Guzman, she suggested that he simply eat the food himself.

Surprised, De Guzman told her the order had been done on a COD basis and she should pay the delivery feed, but he was ignored.

Source: Facebook

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