None of us was able to prepare for the storm we are now facing this 2020, the Corona Virus or COVID-19 Pandemic. Truly, this is one crisis that brought out the best & worst in Filipinos. We see individuals being insensitive towards the plight of the common Filipinos, while we see others stepping up their game to contribute something.

In appreciation of their efforts to help, I made a rundown of those whom I really admire this crisis. FULL DISCLOSURE: These are not the only people who managed to help and a lot more deserves a thank you and a shout-out. So if you are one of those who in your small ways we're able to help, a big thank you goes to you too!

Angel Locsin

We admired her during her days as Darna but little did we know that she embodied her character in real life.

Truly, her heart for charity knows no bounds. Despite the risk of getting infected with the COVID-19 virus, she went out of her way to generate funds, create tents for frontliners (check out #UNITENTWESTANDPH) and do what she was capable of to alleviate the struggles of those who were impacted the most by the virus.

She has no obligation whatsoever to do this, she is a private citizen just like the rest of us. She could have just stayed at home and watched Netflix, but she did not. For her efforts during this pandemic and all the crisis before this one, our heart goes to Angel Locsin, the Philippines ’ Darna in TV & real-life!

Yorme Isko Moreno

At the start of the pandemic, Yorme Isko launched a digital health survey that was accessible to Manileños via FB messenger & without the need for mobile data.

Given the country’s current situation: the absence of mass testing, deficiency in data gathering for proper & efficient response, the digital health survey launched by the local government of Manila with the help of private tech company, Amplifi, was able to bridge existing gaps in the health crisis.

Yorme Isko, the local government of Manila, & Amplifi deserves to be in this list because at a time when everyone was at home, they were able to strike where they could generate the most impact – online.

Mayor Vico Sotto

While a lot of us were blaming people for insisting to go outside despite the repetitive “Stay at home” calls of the government, Mayor Vico was quick to act & provide a solution to why people wanted to go outside.

He understood that these people would not go outside if they had the privilege to exercise such a choice. But they didn’t. Most of these people were laborers earning a living day today, and without working or going outside, they would have nothing to eat. And for these people, an empty stomach is worse than the risk of getting infected.

Also, a creative way to implement social distancing in communities that were not close to public markets is the “Mobile Palengke”. Instead of people going to markets, risking getting infected just to be able to buy a week’s worth of supplies, Mayor Vico implemented the Mobile Palengke. Another noteworthy response from the local government headed by a true millennial.

I know what you’re about to say, “They shouldn’t be here, they’re public servants. They’re just doing the bare minimum and what is already expected of them.”

You are right. They are not on this list because they helped or did their part, they are here because of the snappy & creative decisions they made amid this pandemic.

Ligo Sardines

How can we not mention this uber-witty brand right now? Not only did this brand prove that Sardines can also be trendy and hip on social media, but their charitable is also commendable! This photo on the left was their post when they announced that they were going to donate ALL of their advertising budget for 2020 to the fight against COVID-19. If you are from the marketing or any similar industry, you’d know how BIG of a deal this is.

That’s it? Not quite. The brand is also donating PPEs or Personal Protective Equipment to different hospitals and frontliners. And of course, they did not forget to donate their own products to different LGUs. Here are SOME of their donations to name a few:

Manila 30000
Quezon City 20000
Pasig 20000
San Juan 10000
Mandaluyong 10000
Makati 10000
Muntinlupa 10000
pinas 10000
Pateros 5000
Taguig 5000
Malabon 5000
Navotas 5000
Marikina 10000
Antipolo 10000
Cainta 10000
San Mateo 10000
Caloocan 20000
Paranaque 10000
Pasay 10000

What can you do during this pandemic?

Having money or resources to help is not the only way you can contribute to this pandemic. If you have nothing important to do outside, staying at home and preventing yourself & your neighbors from getting infected is also a notable contribution – you are helping flatten the curve.

Lastly, be sensitive to the struggles of others. Not all are impacted by this pandemic the same way. You might be more or less privileged than others and this affects the way you perceive & react to this crisis.

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