A Victim's Story After Getting Ganged Up by 3 Men While Her Boyfriend is Watching

When you love a person you will do everything for him/ her, care and love wholeheartedly even if it hurts or put you in a dangerous situation. You will take a risk because loving someone the most wonderful feeling that every person would want to feel feel. It makes you alive and brings you priceless happiness.

The love that both of you shared makes you grow and glow in different way. But sometimes that thing called love can ruin your own life. Love moves in unpredictable way. Whether it is good, bad, happy or sad.

When you are committed or in a relationship. It is required to understand and respect each other side. That will make your love stronger. Obey some of their advice cause sometimes they knew whats the best for us. And they don't do anything for us to harm.

The question is? Will you give your life to the person you love? Are you willing to sacrifice? Well I know some of you are not ready to answer that question but I know the time comes you will find the answer.

But what would you do if your one and only love will shatter your world into pieces? That is the story of Blythe from Facebook, she posted her story about how her boyfriend watched her being molested by its own friends.

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