A 9-Year-Old Child Who's Positive in COVID-19 Emotionally Sing for his Lost Family

Covid-19 or Corona Virus Disease 2019 is now considered as an endemic base on WHO. Until now there's no cure invented to kill the virus and medicate all people who are affected. We all know that this virus is can transmit easily by interacting nearly to the infected one. Also, all of us are aware of how to properly sanitize or take care of ourselves to avoid that virus.

Recently, the Majority of countries undergo to Quarantine and Lockdown. It is the other way that is very helpful to lessen the possibility of transmitting the virus. Lots of people are afraid of the chance to infected, but if you do self-care and aware there's a huge hope that you will be safe.

When you are infected, you are directly separated from your family and forwarded to isolation to take care and observe and also give a primary cure for the virus, since there are still no drugs to prevent it. You may be experiencing shortness of breathing and pain in your chest.

There's a viral post in social media about a case of Covid-19 that infects the child. This child is using a singing method to ease the pain of being separated from his/ her Family. Here's a clip of the video

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