Transgender Jailed After Relentlessly Disobeying the Authority During Community Quarantine

While everyone is doing the government guidelines due to the pandemic disease, One couple went viral for disobeying the authority during community quarantine. The two were drunk and decided to walk their way home after sobering up at a friend's house. But things went sideways after they were held by the authorities for violating the curfew and liquor ban that was announced earlier this week by the national government.

After causing many controversies, the transwoman in the video named Martin David Oprecio has been detained for disobedience to the person of authority and unjust vexation. He will be kept in jail until further notice.

Netizens were furious about what he did to the authorities and how he reacted to the government officials while being questioned of why they were wandering the vicinity intoxicated in alcohol during curfew hours.

According to article 151, it is stated that resistance and disobedience to a person in authority (barangay captain) or his agents (barangay tanods) in the performance of his duties are punishable with arrest mayor and a fine not exceeding P500.

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